Getting productive with git - tig

Longer than usual post, so added a TLDR; version at the bottom The problem … The first few months using Git, I used to frequently jump back and forth between using Git Bash and SourceTree. I really wanted to get in the habit of using git at the console, but some things just felt easier with a GUI that I could scroll and click my way through. [Read More]

More fzf goodness

This is going to be a short post. I know I’ve already posted about using fzf with PowerShell, but I got carried away by own call to action in the last one. So here’s one more cool thing using fzf. One thing I do a lot of is logging onto my UAT app server just to check if services are up, or to change the configuration for a service or just to restart one. [Read More]

Getting productive with git

As promised in my last post, the first tool to make working with git easier is all about search. Fzf is an interactive search tool written in Go. Fzf can take any list of strings and drop you into a search view where you can do some basic regex style search. To start off, let’s install fzf. # assuming you're using Ubuntu sudo apt-get install fzf So, what did I just apt-get? [Read More]